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Diana Remaley, LMT
22 Crescent Road
Westport, CT

How am I different from other Licensed Massage Therapists?

I specialize in deep tissue therapeutic massage. This is useful for specific muscular and skeletal problems, in improving flexibility for all levels of athletes, and for simple everyday relaxation. I believe very deeply in the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy. I think every client who comes through my office door deserves to feel better when walking out, so I strive to discover the stressors in each individual in order to facilitate the body's self-healing mechanisms.

I believe this differentiates me from other spas and massage therapists in the area. Spas and wellness clinics may try to relax tissue and make you feel calmer, while I believe in the ability of massage therapy to solve specific problems. I emphasize the "therapy" in the name of my profession; this has lead me to extensive training in many different methods of pain relief and treatment. I firmly believe that your body will feel differently when your session is over, no matter the physical issue you were experiencing when you arrived.

I invite you to begin to discover the benefits of massage therapy for yourself.

Diana Remaley Massage Therapy in Westport, CT

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Diana Remaley, LMT
22 Crescent Road
Westport, CT